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Local Laws

The Shire of Mt Marshall has a number of local laws that govern and regulate activities throughout the Shire. These local laws have the status of legislation and are enforceable by the Shire.

Local Law relating to Standing Orders

Purpose: To provide the rules and guidelines which apply to the conduct of meetings of the Council and its committees.

Effect: To provide for:

  • better decision-making at meetings;
  • the orderly and efficient conduct of meetings;
  • greater community participation and understanding of the business of the Council; and
  • more open and accountable local government

Local Law relating to Dogs

Purpose: make provisions about the impounding of dogs, to control the number of dogs that can be kept on premises and the manner of keeping those dogs and to prescribe areas in which dogs are prohibited.

Effect: extend the controls over dogs which exist under the Dog Act 1976

Local Law relating to Fences

Purpose: To provide for the regulation, control and management of fences within the Shire

Effect: establish the minimum requirements for fencing within the Shire

Health Local Law 2018

Purpose: To provide for the regulation, control and management of day-to-day health matters within the district

Effect: establish various health standards and requirements which people living and working within the district must observe.