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Understanding your Rates

Why do I pay rates?

Anyone owning property and/or commercial enterprises within Shire of Mt Marshall is required to pay rates.

Rates are necessary for the Shire to provide facilities and services to the community. Services provided to ratepayers include recreation and sporting facilities, road upgrades, waste collection facilities, libraries, environmental management and community safety.

How rates are calculated

Rates are based on two factors:

  • The rate in the dollar set by Council each year at budget time
  • The valuation of each property, as assessed by the Valuer General.

Rates are calculated by multiplying a property’s gross rental value (GRV) or unimproved value (UV) by the rate in the dollar, subject to a minimum payment which is set each year by the Shire. Minimum payments are set in recognition of the fact that every property receives some level of benefit from works, services and facilities provided by the Shire.

Please note that a GRV is applied generally in towns and suburbs and UV is applied in rural areas.

Revaluation and interim rates

Whenever a new valuation is received from the Valuer General, the Shire may be required by legislation to apply that valuation and reassess the rates levied for that property. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Completion of a new building or structure
  • Alteration, addition or demolition of an existing building or structure
  • Variation to land due to amalgamation subdivision or strata title
  • An error in valuation or rating of a property
  • Subsequent revaluation of a property.

Why rates vary between properties

The rate charged varies in line with the value of a property – the higher the value of the property, the higher the rates. Values are assessed on the basis of the annual rental income potential (Gross Rental Value (GRV) of each residence which is reviewed every three years by the Valuer General’s Office, or on the Unimproved Value (UV) of the land (reviewed annually).

Other charges and fees

Emergency Services Levy

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is a State Government charge applicable to all properties in Western Australia, which is invoiced and collected by local governments on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

The ESL provides the majority of funding required for Career and Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service Brigades, DFES Multi-function Brigades/Units, Bush Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service Units.

The amount of ESL to be collected and the applicable rates and charging parameters are declared annually by the Minister for Emergency Services.

For more information please visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website or call 1300 136 099.

Standard rubbish service

The rates notice will include Waste Service Charges for the year. This charge encompasses various services, including weekly rubbish collection, fortnightly recycling collection, and year-round access to the Refuse Facility services.