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Council Committees & Working Groups

The Shire of Mt Marshall establishes Committees of Council and Working Groups which may include members of the community to develop various plans and policies and to address specific issues on behalf of the Council. The membership of all Council Committees includes Elected Member representation. All committees report on their activities and make recommendations that are then brought to Council for consideration at Ordinary Meetings of Council.

Find Agendas and Minutes of Council Commitee and Working Group Meetings online. 

Current active Committees and Working Groups are;

Audit Committee

This committee meets with the Shire’s auditor at least once each financial year in compliance with the Local Government Act 1995. Ben McKay, Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for this Committee.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

This committee makes recommendations on bush fire control for the Shire of Mt Marshall.  Jordan Millar, Regulatory Officer, is responsible for this Committee.

Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)

The main function of this committee is to advise and assist the Shire of Mt Marshall ensuring that local emergency management arrangements are established for its district.  Jordan Millar, Regulatory Officer, is responsible for this Committee.

Economic Development Grant Fund Committee

This committee assesses applications for funding via the Shire’s Economic Development Grant Fund. 

Facilities and Services Committee

This committee works with groups from across the community to address their concerns regarding equity in facilities and services.  Ben McKay, Chief Executive Officer is responsible for this committee.

Off Road Racing Working Group

This working group works with the Western Australia Off Road Racing Association (WAORRA) to host round three of the Off Road Racing State Championships at the Bencubbin Recreation Ground.  The committee is responsible for developing the track and organising services for the event.  Georgina McKay, Coordinator of Community Development, is responsible for this working group.