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Bush Fire Control

Harvest & Fire Bans

The Shire has 2 avenues (besides radio) to announce harvest bans:

Harvest Ban Hotline: phone 08 9487 0671

SMS: this is the first point of contact with farmers and contractors, if you are not registered for this service you can submit your details below or contact the Shire Office on 08 9685 1202. 

Bush Fire Control Officers

Your local Bush Fire Control Officers are:

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Damian Tomas

0429 010 574

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Brett Clark

0427 486 012

Bush Fire Control Officer

Terry Gobbart (Gabbin)

08 9684 8042

0428 848 042

Steven Kett (Gabbin)

0488 939 810

Brett Clark (Wialki)

0427 486 012

Noel Miguel (Beacon)

0427 966 725

Brandon Lancaster (Beacon)

0487 861 063

Tim Cashmore (Cleary)

08 9686 6048

0427 926 684

Daniel Spencer (Bencubbin)

0474 479 373

Anthony Sachse (Welbungin)

0429 851 257

Stuart Putt (Welbungin)

0427 862 060

Ben Sachse (Welbungin)

0427 851 257

Craig Walker (Welbungin)

0428 851 098

After Hours (Shire)

0429 851 318

Fire Weather Officers

Brett Clark (North)

0427 486 012

Damian Tomas (South)

0429 010 574

Burning Periods

Restricted Burning Period – 19th September to 31st October (permits required)

Prohibited Burning Period  – 1st November to 28th February (no burning)

Restricted Burning Period  – 1st March to 31st March (permits required)

Burning of Garden Refuse and Rubbish

The Burning of Garden Refuse Pursuant to the powers contained in section 24G (2) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the Shire of Mt Marshall prohibits the burning of all garden refuse within its district during the Prohibited Burning Times. This prohibition applies to all persons within the Shire’s district.

  • The burning of garden refuse or rubbish on the ground that would otherwise be permitted under Section 24F is prohibited absolutely on all land within the district during the Prohibited Burning Period.

Garden refuse and rubbish may be burnt at any time, day or night, in a properly constructed incinerator designed to prevent the escape of sparks or burning material.

During the restricted burning period garden refuse and rubbish burnt on the ground may be burnt only between the hours of 6 o’clock in the evening and 11 o’clock of the same day and must be completely extinguished no later than midnight on that day.