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Wildflower Guide

The Mt Marshall District is an ideal place to get up close to nature during the wildflower season. 

The best times to view the wildflowers are from mid-July through to mid-September with different species putting on their displays over the season (depending on rainfall received). Some orchid and wattle species flower as early as April and May. In normal seasons opening rains set the district up for a brilliant display of wildflowers including masses of white, pink and yellow everlastings, up to 20 varieties of orchids and many bigger trees and shrubs such as wattles, melaleuca, hakea, grevillea, and climbing clematis vines. Acacias are a feature around the granite rocks. Calothamnus quadrifidus provides a great display of red one-sided flowers and as does Leptospermum erubescens with its show of pink and white. If you keep your eyes open you may see the upside down pea bush with red flowers.

Our Wildflower Guide will help you locate and identify species known to grow in our area.