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Business Support

Small Business Friendly Local Governments

The Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative was developed by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) .  The SBDC is the only State Government agency focussed on supporting small business in Western Australia.

The Shire of Mt Marshall understands the importance of small businesses in our communities and is committed in supporting them.  The Shire signed up to the Small Business Friendly Local Governments Initiative in February 2019.  The charter can be viewed here.  In addition to signing the charter, the Shire is required to commit to three additional activities.  After consultation with the small business community, it was decided that the Shire would commit to the following additional activities;

  1. Town beautification: Working towards improving the appearance of our two towns, primarily on main street beautification
  2. Promote and inspire local businesses to apply for economic development grant funding, to benefit both their business and the community
  3. Continue marketing to improve our tourism and area promotion

Business Assistance

Do you require assistance to commence and operate a small business in WA? The Small Business Development Corporation and RSM Business Local can assist you.

Business Network and Directory

Through the Wheatbelt Business Network the Shire of Mt Marshall supports the  Wheatbelt Business Directory. The business directory provides A-Z business listings, industry listings and town listings. For more information on the Wheatbelt Business Directory contact (08) 9041 0100 or

Business Promotion

The Gimlet Newspaper and Beacon Bulletin offer a very affordable range of advertising starting from ¼ to full page advert. Contact details below.

The Gimlet Newspaper
Phone / Fax:    (08) 9685 1323

Beacon Bulletin
Phone / Fax:    (08) 9686 1078

List your business in the Mt Marshall telecommunications directory free of charge produced by the Beacon and Bencubbin Community Resource Centres. Beacon Community Resource Centre also offers paid, coloured advertising within the directory at a small fee.