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Dry Season Response Outreach Program

Grower Group Alliance (GGA) is partnering within the WA government’s dry season response program. Through the newly formed Dry Season Task Force, GGA will administer a five-part plan to support mobilisation of on-ground efforts around community wellbeing which includes grants of $5,000 – $35,000 for locally run initiatives.

Grants are available for GGA network members, and other agriculture organisations that have already, or would like to mobilise dry season response initiatives in their area. Examples of how grant funds can be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Events – special topic events or social gatherings to provide locally suitable support initiatives.
  • Consultants – outside subject-matter experts or contractors to deliver specific services including operational support eg. communications contractor or guest speakers for events eg. mental health advisor, financial advisor etc
  • Wages – funds to cover extra staff resourcing to deliver dry season response activities outside the scope of their normal work.

Grants will be available until all funds have been allocated. The application process is simple with grants being assessed in weekly batches with a quick notification turnaround.
Find out about GGA’s full five-part action plan, and apply for a grant via the Dry Season Response Outreach project page here.